41 Belgium AGM
8th to 10th October 2021

The Word of the Presidents

Dear friends, Dear guests,

At the end of this rather special break in life, it is with a huge pleasure that 41 Clubs Belgium invites you to its Annual General Meeting which will be held from 8 to 10 October in Brussels. Like many other countries, we have been particularly impacted by the health crisis, as well as by the recent floods, but, as always, in a spirit of common solidarity, the Flemish, Walloons and German-speakers have pooled their efforts to reinvent the future. Nestled in the heart of this unlikely country that is Belgium, Brussels as a typical example of this mosaic of culture, will seduce  you with its hospitality and its sweetness of life, we will ensure that. Rich in its history Brussels is resolutely open to the world and turned towards the future of Europe, will do our best to demonstrate you this. We have missed your presence and your steadfast friendship for too long, Do not hesitate to join us, we will do everything to guarantee you an unforgettable experience. Yours in 41.

President 2020-2021

Roland WOLFS
President 2019-2020

Event programme

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Convenor: Roland Wolfs


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